How do wood pellet stoves work?

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In recent times you may have heard of pellet stoves, and you’ll wonder, what are they? Well then we will give you the most important data that you should know if you are thinking about what type of heating you want to install in your house and you have not yet decided, because here is your answer.

Pellet stoves are characterized by their easy operation based on a biomass system, that is, the energy arises from the heat that produces burning the pellet inside the stove itself.

The pellet comes from small parts of natural wood already designed for later use as fuel. In addition, it is considered a renewable energy, which gives it added value compared to other traditional systems. It must be said that the problem of mass felling around the world is a fact, but the pellet comes from the wood remains left by those trees and not from the tree itself. In addition, to secure this energy resource in the future, trees are continuously planted to have the forests populated and to continue to use this renewable energy.

Operation is based on the following process:

  • Pellet stoves have a tank in which the pellet is added, which will be incorporated inside the stove when necessary.
  • In the stove there is a combustion chamber, whose function will be to introduce air into the ashtray to increase ventilation and improve combustion.
  • Once the pellet has started to burn the heat that it gives off reaches the exchanger.
  • In parallel to the burning of the pellet a fan is lit in order to retain cold air from the room and expel hot air, until after a while there will be more heat than cold and the overall temperature of the room will begin to rise.
  • So that the temperature does not start to rise without spending the pellet stove has thermal sensors that will cause the stove to stop doing its process once it has reached the temperature that the user has demanded. And if the stove detects that the temperature has dropped it will automatically turn on again until it reaches the right temperature again.
  • Needless to say, the heating of the stove will not only be this hot air that will expel in exchange for the cold, but that its combustion chamber will also release a lot of heat simulating a conventional fire fireplace.
  • Finally, it should be added that the correct way to turn off the pellet stove will not be unplugged and you have to turn it off from its control system.

We can differentiate 3 types of pellet stoves:

  • Forced air stoves, which are the standard ones. They have the air exchange system we talked about.
  • The pellet stoves by canalization system,which are able to distribute the hot air by different rooms of the house, not only in which the stove is physically located.
  • Hydro stoves , more like boilers, as they heat the water.