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Today we talk about what to plant in May, so grab a pen and paper and let’s get started! May is the month of flowers, but it also higher temperatures start to appear, and there are more hours of sunshine. It is wise to take advantage of it and take maximum care of our orchard. … Read More


Today we bring you the monthly blog’s article about what to plant in April. April is the starting signal to start growing what we want to harvest in summer. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started. As we may be noticing, we should not think that since it … Read More


Do you already know what to plant in March? March starts with a lot of work if we have a vegetable garden or orchard at home. So read on, it’s time to roll up your sleeves! By this time, spring is just around the corner, in fact, in some areas, the weather already dictates that … Read More


You might be wondering why use plastic in agriculture after reading the title of this article, but believe us when we tell you that the infinite qualities it has will leave you speechless and wanting to implement it. It is worth mentioning that plastic is becoming more and more common in agriculture. Thanks to it … Read More


Don’t you know what to plant in February? We’re just entering the penultimate month of pure winter and cold, but that doesn’t mean that our vegetable garden should be left without affection. Today we’ll talk about what we can plant during February so that our vegetable garden doesn’t get left behind during the months of … Read More


Are you wondering what to plant in December? The end of the year is approaching and the cold is taking over more and more of our gardens. That is why we must not let our guard down and take care of it more than ever. In this way, everything we have planted or planned to … Read More

What to plant in November

Don’t know what to plant in November? November is approaching and with it the cold and the fears that nothing is going to come up in our garden, but that is not true! In November fall finishes settling in and the cold weather sets in, but this is not the time to give up. The … Read More

How to maintain your garden in autumn

Autumn has arrived, and our garden has already suffered the first autumn rains and its first temperature changes of the season. Therefore, we bring you some tips on how to maintain your garden in autumn. Every season of the year is different both for us and for our gardens. Therefore, it is very important to … Read More

What to plant in October?

In Llaberia Hydraulic Shop when we think of October we think of pumpkins, chestnuts and being with the blanket on the couch. That’s why, as October approaches, we want to give you some tips on what to plant in October and how to do it. Ready? In October we have several cycle ends. Tomatoes and … Read More

How to be a good beginner farmer

September 9th was the day of agriculture so we are going to dedicate an article in our blog to this topic. Today we will give you some basic tips on how to be a good beginner farmer if you are starting or want to start soon. What to grow? The most important thing is to … Read More