Equipment for hydraulic solutions

In Llaberia Group we have another line of business dedicated to the service of sales and rental of hydraulic equipment for those customers who need it in their works.

LLABERIA has been providing rental and sale of equipment for welding thermoplastic pipes and fittings for more than 15 years.

To be able to work in the same place of the work, we have a fleet of more than 150 machines: PT’s for butt welding up to large diameters (1,600 mm), electrofusion and socket.

Our objectives are to offer quality, solutions, adaptability, technical advice and excellent service.

LLABERIA sells new and used equipment: PT’s for butt welding up to large diameters (1,600 mm), electrofusion and socket.

We have the sale of Welding Print Recording (LDU) machines for welding cap machines. The LDU is a reader with butt welding data printing. By entering the parameters of the tube to be welded, at the end of each weld the LDU will print a report indicating whether the weld is correct or not. Control is exercised over pressure, temperature, operating and cooling times.

Any parameter that does not conform to the margins of the welding regulations will generate a negative report of the welding regulation, having to perform that weld again to obtain a positive report.

We work with different brands and manufacturers, always looking for the highest quality of the product, thus achieving a better service for the customer.

LLABERIA leases equipment for butt welding of pipes up to large diameters (1,600 mm) and thermoplastic accessories such as electrofusion and socket.

The machines have all the technical and safety guarantees since the technicians specialized in maintenance of Llaberia Group check and start the machines before and after performing each service.

During the rental period of one of the machines, the technical and customer service managers will be at the customer’s disposal to resolve all queries or doubts that may arise during their use.