Environmental Medium Solutions

In the blog of Llaberia Group you will find different environmental thematic articles related to the services we offer in this field.


Water is one of the keys to our development and evolution throughout history. On Monday March 22nd, World Water Day was celebrated, and in Llaberia Hydraulic Shop we want to commemorate this day telling you about the value of water and how to save it. Interesting facts about water that you didn’t know Water is … Read More

Why buy an air purifier?

Given the global pandemic situation, alarms have been raised regarding the importance of having an air purifier in enclosed spaces, and it has become an essential aspect for any type of establishment or institution. Currently it is recommended to open the windows 4 times per hour to promote air recirculation and cleaning. But winter is … Read More

Biomass advantages

What is energy through biomass? This type of energy is based on using heterogeneous organic matter as the energy source. This matter is made up of different organic wastes, it does not have to be the same. It can be from nut shells to wood remains, such as pellet or sawdust which is one of … Read More