Hydraulic installations

We work in the industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical sector, civil works, agri-food and environmental engineering, fire and construction of swimming pools and public gardens. Through our global hydraulic installations we want to supply and distribute water and other fluids on all sorts surfaces.

We carry out the installations together with all the elements and / or sanitary appliances that are necessary. In each project our goal is always to guarantee to the customer the proper functioning and quality of our installations.

Over the years our expansion has reached the industrial sector, the execution of civil works, the environment sector and the agri-food sector. We also cover the environmental engineering (in landfills and composting plants) and the Agri-food engineering in the realm of the aquaculture.


We advise and design the installations, accessories or equipment according to the customer’s need. Later we take care of directing and executing the work as required.

Technical office

Thanks to our specialized and experienced technical office, we always achieve our objectives and meet the needs of customers, up to the point excellence. We accompany them throughout the project execution process to deal with any problems that may arise.

Turnkey projects

At Llaberia Group we give our clients the possibility to design a project from zero. Including supplying materials, equipment on loan, transportation, conducting civil works; as well as the installation and assembly, and the development and operation of the work proposed.


We offer our customers a comprehensive service with full capacity to solve, in a global and rigorous way, any problems that might arise. We also offer maintenance and repair services as required.

Installation types