Hydraulic installations in industry

Llaberia Group offers you comprehensive solutions in hydraulic installations for the industrial sector. We offer technologies of maximum reliability and guarantee.

We are a company with a long experience in the diversity of installations and hydraulic solutions for the industrial sector. Our clients have stayed with us for the quality in our jobs and the honesty with which we manage to do our job.

Tipo de instalaciones en industria

Industrial waterproofing

The technical department of Llaberia Group will study the most suitable waterproofing system for each client. We always keep in mind that the material to be applied is the one that best suits the need of waterproofing to be performed.

Depending on the conditions of the support to be treated and the use to which the area is intended to be waterproofed, we can recommend the ideal system to treat the area in question.

We are specialists in the installation of PE waterproofing sheets and we have a team of very professional operators suitable for the correct application of the right material.

In our waterproofing we always use materials and systems approved in the European market, working at all times with current regulations.

Tanks and reactors

We manufacture a wide range of warehouses for storage and process. We build them in high quality technical plastics, such as polypropylene (PP), PVC, Polyethylene (PE), PVDF and PPN (natural polypropylene), as they offer a lot of performance and industrial applications.

Llaberia Group tanks can be used both for general use, in other words. water normally, and for industrial use, such as chemicals, wastewater, fertilizers, etc. Due to the materials with which highly corrosive products can be supported.

Through the realization of reactors we manage to carry out one or more chemical reactions inside for industrial purposes.These reactors have entry and exit points for chemicals, all properly controlled. Depending on the needs to be met by the industrial reactor, it will consist of some elements or others to meet the objective.

Dimensions and equipment of tanks

We can manufacture the tank according to the customer's needs and adapt to their particularities.We manufacture cylindrical, conical or rectangular tanks, as required for each case.

We also have the ability to build the tanks in multiple diameters and capacities, and add the necessary elements for their proper operation.

Underwater Emissaries

Llaberia Group has a very broad trajectory in this area. We have participated in the design, construction and installation of various underwater and offshores emissaries aimed at the industry.

Through the underwater emissaries our purpose is to transport the effluents to the point of discharge. We drain the wastewater so that the adverse effects on the receiving waters, particularly coastal water, are minimal.

The discharges of our emissaries are located, avoiding sensitive areas, such as: coral reefs, fishing areas, areas of cultivation or seafood collect.

Main applications of underwater emissaries

  • Discharge of sanitary and industrial effluents with varying degrees of treatment.
  • Storm and thermal discharges.
  • Wastewater discharges. Means to reduce the degree of treatment that is applied to masons prior to discharge.

Conduction of chemicals

Llaberia Group is responsible for the transport of aggressive means. Our goal is to deal with the multiple operating conditions in its industrial use,and for that we work with different materials among which are PE, PP, PVDF, PRFV and ECTFE.

Thanks to the installation of our pipes we allow to transport corrosive media, such as acids, since its resistant structure guarantees a long service life. These advantages make these conductions the most appropriate for the construction of industrial plants.

PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) materials are of particular importance in the industrial field. Its high resistance to chemicals, its wide range of high temperature applications and its easy installation are just some of the main advantages of these plastics.

Main applications of our conductions

Our main fields of action are:

  • Cooling water pipes.
  • Conductions in industrial plants.
  • Pressure systems for the transport of aggressive media.
  • Conductions for the disposal of contaminated wastewater and waste gas.
  • Pipelines in the construction of appliances and containers.

PRFV Conductions

Llaberia Group manufactures all types of pipes and fittings in PRFV fiberglass reinforced polyester intended only for gas conduction.PRFV pipes and fittings areI deals thanks toits high durability, adaptation and minimal maintenance required.

Our pipes adapt to any type of gas conduction project.In addition, we can customize each installation to the customer's needs: color, diameters, accessories, resin and any other particularity that the customer requires.

PVDF - Welding

In our hydraulic company we are interested in innovating, solving and improving scientific life and for that reason we carry out the relevant activities to achieve it.

In the industrial field we are able to work with PVDF. It is a high purity material, free of additives, stabilizers, pigments, etc. It is inert and with low level of extracts (both metallic and organic). In addition, it consists of low microbiological adhesion.

We manufacture and package PVDF in clean rooms class 10,000 (ISO7) and under laminar flow class 100 (ISO5). The double sealing bag allows the material to enter classified area.

We offer a wide range of dead spotless diaphragm valves, sanitary links with stainless steel reinforcements, reductions, elbows, tees, etc.

Welding BCF

We carry out the so-called BCF welding system,which we have accepted by the FDA. We perform this fusion welding, obtaining a binding free of cracks and boards.

It is a reproducible process thanks to the process control software, with 100% traceability. The inspection of such welding is carried out through light, without the requirement of great complexity.

The Installations of Llaberia Group made in PVDF are very resistant to hot water, steam, ozone and chemical agents.

This type of installation is especially aimed at the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industry for applications in different types of water: PW, hPW, WFI, dialysis and osmosis water, critical biological fluids and chemical agents.

These installations are characterized by their speed, simplicity and the low need for subsequent maintenance.

Infrared Welding

The infrared welding process is a technology intended for optimal PVDF welding fusion. It is an automated system that ensures welding in a shorter period of time and installing the pipes more quickly and efficiently.

Infrared welding equipment is suitable for welding without leftovers and with a completely smooth surface and no roughness throughout the welding part. Thanks to its advantages this type of welding is widely used in different industrial processes.

Some of these advantages are: heat is transmitted without contact, plastics are heated thanks to infrared in just a few seconds, the heat of the infrared radiators is concentrated and easy to reproduce, which benefits the process automation.


Thanks to our expert team we perform and install Scrubbers systems, or gas washers, such as atmospheric emission purification systems that are responsible for extinguishing polluting substances and gases formed by industrial currents,especially those that generate acidic gases.

Through our experienced workers, the latest technologies and the certificates that support us, we are able to carry out even the most complex projects, adapting to the customer's specifications.