Quality Certificates

At Llaberia Group we keep up to date and have all the relevant certificates to guarantee the highest quality in our products and services.

Quality Certificate: ISO 9001

Llaberia maintains the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. These requirements consist of:

  • Achieve the requirements of customers and those of the company.
  • Satisfy customers.
  • Ensure the quality of its services and products, being as competitive as possible in the market.
  • Provide an agile service, thus attending to a rapid responsiveness to the demands of customers of services and supplies.
  • Prevention of non-conformities and enhancement of continuous improvement techniques for your services and products.
  • To enhance a work environment adapted for its employees as the quality of its facilities and machinery.
  • Image provided by the company both in the capacity of its employees and the quality of its facilities and machinery.
  • Continuous improvement of the procedures used and the services offered, adapting at all times to the needs of demand and market demands.
  • The policy set out is based on the review of the objectives.

Certificate of Prevention of Occupational Risks: ISO 45001

Llaberia maintains the Occupational Safety and Health Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001, aimed at allowing Llaberia to control its OSH risks and improve its OSH performance. These requirements consist of:

  • Maintain a high level of occupational safety and health.
  • To make our commitment to workers, as the main capital of our activity and their involvement with prevention, a sign of identity towards companies and other social agents.
  • Ensure that all people in the company take an active part in this policy and are aware of their individual OST obligations.
  • Bringing the company’s approach to Occupational Health to our customers.
  • Commitment to the nature and magnitude of the risks: LLABERIA bases its Occupational Safety and Health Management System on the identification of hazards, risk assessment and risk control affecting it.
  • LLABERIA has the participation and collaboration of all the components of the organization, workers and representative bodies to improve day by day the level of prevention of occupational risks of all workers of the company.
  • Provide the appropriate human and material means to take care of the safety and health of LLABERIA employees and other stakeholders.

Own Prevention Service Certificate

Audited company certificate. Inpremed, Engineering and Prevention of the Mediterranean, S.L. certifies that the Occupational Risk Prevention System of the company Llaberia Plastics has been evaluated and submitted to Regulatory Audit (art. 30 of RD 39/97 Regulations of the Services of Prevention), which has passed favorably by complying, at the technical discretion of Inpremed, S.L., the legal requirements established in Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Occupational Risks and regulations that develop it.

FITAC Product Certificate

LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER: Product certification A+ pipeline systems in plastic materials for water conduction and pressure sanitation. Llaberia has obtained the product certificate by APPLUS in PE injected products (FITAC PRODUCTS) EN12201-3:2011+A1 pipe systems in plastic materials for water conduction and pressure sanitation. Polyethylene (PE) accessories.

Attestation de Conformite Sanitaire (ACS)

Eurofins (Expertises Environmentals) certifies that all materials used in the manufacture of our products are suitable for use in drinking water applications in France.

Professional Installers

Plastic Pipe Systems Installation Specialist Licence: Among LLABERIA’s human resources is a team of Technical Specialists in Plastic Pipe Installation: a set of professionals with accredited training APPLUS and in collaboration with ASETUB and AGBAR. The certificate covers the entire field of handling and installation of plastic pipes in supply, irrigation and sanitation networks.

AEQT Certificate

The AEQT/AEST FOLLOW-UP COMMISSION of the regular maintenance company qualification project has certified that the company LLABERIA PLASTICS SL has passed the qualification audit with the scope to installation and maintenance of pipes and plastic accessories for supply networks, firefighting, irrigation and sanitation.

Associated company’s diploma at AEST

The company LLABERIA PLÀSTICS, S.L. is a full-fledged Associate in the Association of Services Companies of Tarragona (AEST).

Fire Protection Facilities (RIPCI)

The “Generalitat de Catalunya” certifies that the company LLABERIA PLASTICS, S.L. is registered in the Registry of Industrial Safety Agents with the No. RASIC-005003339 in the activities of an installation company in maintenance of fire protection systems and the installer of pressure equipment.