Welcome to our company Llaberia Group!

40 years of experience channeling water support a business trajectory specialized in the hydraulic sector. Global hydraulic solutions from product manufacturing to comprehensive management of hydraulic installations.

Why choose us?

Thanks to an expert team of professionals in water channeling, we know how to solve any hydraulic challenge that goes ahead. Our concept of global hydraulic solutions ranges from product manufacturing to comprehensive management of hydraulic installations.

We have 40,000 m2 of installations for the design, production, distribution, storage and marketing of products, components, accessories and systems for the pipeline professional hydraulics.

Our vision

Follow the path of consolidation as a leading company in the hydraulic sector through innovation, creativity and good service to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our mission

Offer quality

Give solutions


100% service orientation

Technical assistance required in the hydraulic sector

Our values


LLABERIA has a vocation for growth. A vocation that has allowed us to be present in several international markets.

It has been actively working for several years in the search for new clients, management of international promotional actions, project monitoring, personalized service, etc. We take advantage of participation in fairs to launch new products, obtaining on occasion, recognitions to the Quality of our products.

In general, in these years has achieved an extension of the brand Llaberia Plastics in more than 20 countries,around Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America. Our goal is to continue to strengthen our presence internationally, associating our brand with a professional and quality product.