Industrial Applications

In the blog of Llaberia Group we publish useful articles related to the industrial sector and the services that our company offers in this field.


Do you know all you need to know about HDPE pipes? Before we start with the process of welding HDPE pipes or high density polyethylene pipes, let’s get into the subject. What are high density polyethylene or HDPE pipes? A high density polyethylene pipe is a pipe made of high density polyethylene resin with high … Read More

Why use a multilayer tube in your heating system?

After several technological researches regarding the installation of heating systems, there is a debate on what is better, using metal pipes or pipes made of thermoplastics. In Llaberia Group we bet for the multilayer tube. What is a multilayer tube? In previous occasions we have talked about the multilayer tube type and its general features. … Read More

Agricultural solutions for environmental impact

The environmental problem we are facing can be tackled from different sectors and different approaches. In this article, we are going to focus on the solutions for environmental impact that can be provided from an agricultural point of view related to the responsible use of farms, and the positive contributions that can be made to … Read More

Ozone cleaning for industrial uses

In Llaberia Group we perform different environmental treatments, so in today’s post we are going to talk about ozone cleaning, a treatment for industrial purposes to put an end to bad odors that can be generated during industrial processes. Caring for the environment is a constant concern for our company, which is why we are … Read More

Scrubbers, gas separators

What are Scrubbers and what is their role? For those of you who have notions in the subject, you may know Scrubbers as gas washers. At first glance they look like a cylindrical deposit.This type of gas washer they’re done with thermoplastic materials such as PP(polypropylene), the PEHD(high density polyethylene) or PVC. The main function … Read More

To industrial applictions of the reverse osmosis

In previous posts of our blog we were talking about reverse osmosis and what it consists of. For today’s post we are going to focus on this industry-focused process and the different applications you can have within this field. When we talk about reverse Osmosis (RO) we have to talk about how they distribute the … Read More

Llaberia-Klinger joints, the most effective seal

In this week’s article we will talk about one of the newest products that Llaberia Group offers customers, especially installers, for this 2019. This new product has arisen in the face of the growing need to solve the problem of leaks of most joints used in the facility and its due re-tightening, which means quite … Read More

Waterproofing rafts

Expanding the topic of last week’s entry as promised,in this post we will delve into one of the most frequent applications, and that we are specialists, of PE geomembranes: waterproofing rafts. The importance of the existence of irrigation rafts is increasing. In the agricultural and industrial sector there are many companies that use them to … Read More

Polyethylene geomembranes, uses and advantages

As specialists in Polyethylene (PE) we want to continue talking about its magnificent properties, advantages and applications so that you know more about the most used polymer worldwide. In this article we will talk about PE geomembranes, their uses and services. What is a geomembrane? First of all, it is essential that we are clear … Read More

Polyethylene collectors: uses and advantages

Today, the uses of both polyethylene (PE) and high-density polyethylene (PEAD) collectors are multiplying in a variety of areas. The main areas of action are: private houses or entire blocks of apartments factories and industrial-style areas and also the agriculture sector. On the one hand, when used in homes and private blocks, collectors are often … Read More