Plumbing and sanitation

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PVC pipes are used for a many projects, from DIY or plumbing to heavy-duty projects or home crafts. But do you know how to cut a PVC pipe? Whatever the purpose, it is usually required to cut PVC pipe to get the best result. The advantage is that it can be cut easily and with … Read More


Don’t know how to clean your home faucet? We have all wondered how to leave our kitchen or bathroom faucet as shiny as the first day. In Llaberia Group we are going to solve these doubts in 5 minutes. First, we must distinguish how to clean the faucet depending on the type of finish and … Read More

How to make a multilayer installation

Do you know how to make a multilayer installation? Some of you may wonder what is a multilayer pipe and what is the purpose of a multilayer installation. Today we will try to solve some doubts and give some advice on how to install it. Did you know all that a multilayer pipe can offer … Read More

What is the best kitchen tap?

Whether because you are remodeling your home, because you need to change your tap or because you just feel like it, choosing the best kitchen tap may not be an easy task. Therefore, today we are going to give you the keys to choose the one that suits you better with no chance of failure. … Read More

Single lever or thermostatic taps: which one suits your showering needs best?

When building a bathroom or refurbishing it, a lot of doubts arise about decoration, space, distribution… But one of the most common ones is to choose between installing a single lever or thermostatic taps. Don’t worry, because at Llaberia we have both options available. In today’s post we are going to discuss the pros and … Read More

Plumbing pipes

In a plumbing or sanitary installation, it is essential to make a good choice of the piping system that you are going to use, since the durability and proper functioning of the installation will depend on them. In this week’s blog article, we want to let you know about the types of sanitary and plumbing … Read More

Components of a sewage system

If you have taken a look at our website, you will have seen that we are specialists in hydraulic installations in civil works as well as in the installation of a sewage system, among others. Sí te interesa este tema, pero no conoces exactamente los componentes de esta instalación, sigue leyendo y te pondremos al … Read More

Plastic pipes in sanitation

Pipes made in plastic materials have been completely introduced in the sanitation piping market, rendering obsolete all the other options that existed up to now. In keeping with our commitment to the environment, we want to work with materials that consume little energy and minimize the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere. For these … Read More

Shower tray, advantages and disadvantages

There is a wide variety of shower tray types on the market, so it is of great importance for every user to know the advantages and disadvantages of each one to be able to make the right decision for each bathroom. It is quite possible that you are at the point where you are clear … Read More

Keys to choosing your biomass boiler

In previous posts we talked about what biomass was and its characteristics as a source of ecological energy. We’ve also talked about pellet stoves and how they work. Today we are going to help you know the keys that will help you choose your biomass boiler once you make the decision to buy it. But … Read More