Winter Solutions

In the blog of Llaberia Group we want to give solutions, ideas and / or tips for winter related to all our products and services and that we believe will help you in your day to day at a particular level even professional.


A pellet stove is the safe bet to heat your home throughout the winter without fearing the arrival of the monthly bill. We are talking about an investment for comfort and pleasure for many years. So, although at first it may seem too expensive, over time we will realize that it is a necessary investment … Read More


Winter knocks on our door and with it begin the doubts about which stove to buy, which is the most effective for the purpose we want to cover … Therefore, today from Llaberia Group we are going to give you some tips for you to choose the best pellet stove without doubts. First of all, … Read More

How to maintain your garden in autumn

Autumn has arrived, and our garden has already suffered the first autumn rains and its first temperature changes of the season. Therefore, we bring you some tips on how to maintain your garden in autumn. Every season of the year is different both for us and for our gardens. Therefore, it is very important to … Read More

Why buy an air purifier?

Given the global pandemic situation, alarms have been raised regarding the importance of having an air purifier in enclosed spaces, and it has become an essential aspect for any type of establishment or institution. Currently it is recommended to open the windows 4 times per hour to promote air recirculation and cleaning. But winter is … Read More

How do wood pellet stoves work?

In recent times you may have heard of pellet stoves, and you’ll wonder, what are they? Well then we will give you the most important data that you should know if you are thinking about what type of heating you want to install in your house and you have not yet decided, because here is … Read More