How to maintain your garden in autumn

Gardening and Agriculture

Autumn has arrived, and our garden has already suffered the first autumn rains and its first temperature changes of the season. Therefore, we bring you some tips on how to maintain your garden in autumn.

Every season of the year is different both for us and for our gardens. Therefore, it is very important to know what our plants and crops need in each of them.

Today we will tell you some tricks to make your garden look amazing all year round.

Typical autumn dry leaves

If we have trees, either in our garden or near it, the falling leaves can make our plants acquire that brown color that characterizes the dry leaves of autumn.

Therefore, it is very important to collect the leaves that fall if we want to preserve the color of our garden.

If you have a lot of leaves to collect every week and you want to avoid using a chemicals and pesticides, you can take advantage of this to make compost. This will bring many benefits to our plants, such as nitrogen.

Watering for the garden in autumn

Every year, we know that summer is coming to an end when it is not so hot and it rains more often.

This is why we recommend that you reduce the watering of your plants so as not to drown them.

If you live in an area where it rains very often, it is better to cancel the watering cycle, your plants will not need it to live.


It is a perfect time to fertilize our plants, so they will be more than ready and strong for winter and frost.

It depends on which fertilizer we want to use, we will choose a normal fertilizer, a fertilizer with herbicide (if we have weeds) or an ecological fertilizer.

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Autumn pests

Who has not seen snails or slugs after rain? These animals’ pests arrive in autumn and we must be prepared.

One of the ways to avoid them is to add ashes to the edges of our pots.

If you want to plant new crops, in our blog you will find some of the most typical autumn vegetables and some more tips.

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