Curiosities about water

As you already know, in Llaberia we are specialized in the hydraulic sector. From the manufacture of products to the integral management of hydraulic installations. That is why today we are going to discover curiosities about water at a global level. Our planet contains more than a billion liters of H2O. More than 97% of … Read More

Fun facts about artificial turf

Artificial turf can be our best friend if we are looking to have a beautiful garden without investing a lot of time in it. It is the perfect solution to have a perfect garden all the time. Today, we are going to discover fun facts about artificial turf and debunk some myths that you may … Read More

The best artificial turf is at Llaberia Shop

Are you thinking of giving a twist to your garden? Do you want to add some greenery, but don’t have the time to maintain it? We have the solution: find out the best artificial turf below. Our new range of Tarkett Easyturf Collection artificial turf is a great choice for those who want to enjoy … Read More

Successful opening of the exhibition “Memòries de l’aigua” in Reus

The exhibition “Memòries de l’aigua” has been inaugurated on the occasion of the new use of the pond of Mas Iglesias, in Reus. “Memòries de l’aigua ” shows us several curiosities of water in Reus. The hydraulic company of Montbrió del Camp, Llaberia Group, has actively participated in the exhibition as a collaborator and sponsor. … Read More

Spectacular trajectory of Llaberia Group since 1979

More than 35 years of experience channeling water support the business trajectory of Llaberia Group, specialized in the hydraulic sector. The company from Montbrió del Camp started as an agricultural irrigation and gardening installation company at a regional level. Nowadays, it offers all the solutions and technical services related to the hydraulic activity. The hydraulic … Read More