Segmented manipulated accessories

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of our own polyethylene (PE) manipulated accessories for plastic installations that require it in different sectors.


Our long experience in the manufacture of manipulated accessories in PE allows us today to offer customers an extensive portfolio of such items in a lot of different diameters in order to achieve the adaptability of our services with the needs that the customer needs to meet.

We manufacture manipulated accessories trained to cover installations in different sectors, such as industrial, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc.

We guarantee the highest quality in all our installations, and in the case of the manipulated we have the quality gold labels according to the UNE-EN 12201-3 standards in representation of our commitment with the well-done work and effectiveness of the manipulated parts we offer.

We offer a wide variety of polyethylene-handled accessories from small to large diameters.

Accessories for heat-weldable welding, up to 1600 mm diameter, intended for high pressure channeling.

We manufacture a wide range of standard manipulated accessories, such as: elbows, teas, crosses, bifurcations, walls,etc. In our online store you will see all the standard items available in full.

In case the standard parts do not meet the needs of the customer, you can order the piece on request. We will study the case and design the piece with its respective configuration.