Successful opening of the exhibition “Memòries de l’aigua” in Reus


The exhibition “Memòries de l’aigua” has been inaugurated on the occasion of the new use of the pond of Mas Iglesias, in Reus. “Memòries de l’aigua ” shows us several curiosities of water in Reus. The hydraulic company of Montbrió del Camp, Llaberia Group, has actively participated in the exhibition as a collaborator and sponsor.

“Memòries de l’aigua” was inaugurated on November 24 in Reus. The exhibition was organized by the Municipal Institute Reus Culture and produced by Aigües de Reus. The design was made by La Brida es Bella. The company Llaberia Group participated as one of the main collaborators of the exhibition and also as a sponsor.
The exhibition is divided into different spaces. In the first area, a chronological line shows the most important milestones of water supply in the city of Reus. Since its inception, the city government has guaranteed water supply with ingenuity and resources.

In a second area we find images of the background of the CIMIR that refer to water and farmhouses. Reus was surrounded by this kind of edifications where water was essential to maintain orchards and gardens. At the end of the 19th century, the trend was for English-style gardens with romantic, wild-looking corners. Mas Quer (in the current Fortuny neighborhood) or Mas Iglesias are good examples.
The exhibition continues with some peculiar projections on Reus fountains. Between 1959 and 1984, the Amateur Cinema section of Reus Deportiu organized a local contest called “El Rollo”. The organization proposed a theme and in 1962 it was “Les fonts de Reus”, in the exhibition we can see the result of two of its contestants: José Batista Adell and Francesc Mercadé Bosch.
Llaberia Group manufactured some of the parts of “Memòries de l’aigua”. The company from Montbrió del Camp specializes in the in-house manufacture of polyethylene parts, among other services, and has more than 35 years of experience in the hydraulic sector.

Likewise, these polyethylene pieces have become one of the most attractive and original aspects of the entire space.

Finally, a selection of the best images of Instant WATER is exhibited. Between 2007 and 2011, the company Aigües de Reus organized a photography contest of aspects related to water through the eyes of the citizens. There were three prizes: photography, collection and educational center.
After the inauguration, “Memòries de l’aigua” will remain open to the public for up to 3 months, so that all those interested may have the opportunity to attend.