Irrigation systems for winter

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Irrigation systems for greenhouses are made up of different elements, which will vary according to the needs and particularities of irrigation for each crop or farmer.

Within the greenhouses are plants that are not irrigated from the water that comes from the atmosphere, but have to be watered through the implementation of some irrigation system if we want them to be well cultivated, that conserve moisture and that they grow up.

At first it is important to analyze what conditions these plants need and decide which irrigation system is the one that will guarantee better results. These types of irrigation regulate air humidity and soil temperature.

In this article, Llaberia Group, aims to inform you about the different irrigation systems that can be used within a greenhouse:

Cover irrigation

In the event that the greenhouse plants are distributed in pots this would be an efficient irrigation system, as smaller plants will be prevented from disturbing.

What is the mat irrigation system?

A mat is placed on a bench with one of the ends fixed in the channel that comes full of water.This water will propagate down the rug and keep it moist. The only disadvantage that can occur in some case, is that after a while the mat becomes clogged with algae and this makes it difficult to expand water all over its surface.

Drip irrigation

This irrigation system has many advantages: it conserves well the water, it is well regulated, the water reaches directly to each plant or crop, its installation is simple. It simply consists of a general tube that is diversified into small PVC pipes, with small mouths that supply water to each particular plant or crop. In addition, you can add timers or automatic systems, which makes the job much easier. It is a widely used system because apart from conserving moisture very well, it largely prevents mold or grass growth. After a long period of time, or due to bad climatic conditions, it could result in the nozzles that water each plant spoil, although it is not a very common problem.

If you are interested in learning more about this irrigation system you can read here.

Spray Irrigation

Dew is another of the most effective systems for growing within greenhouses.

What is the dew irrigation system?

A tube with several nozzles is placed on top of a row of plants. This system will keep them moist. In addition, it helps to keep the temperature cool inside the greenhouse. This type of irrigation is very efficient in tropical plant crops or epiphytes.

Running water system

This is the irrigation system that can best adapt to the needs of each farmer or the person who will install this system. But the most common technique is this irrigation is to collect water from the through barrels and PVC pipes.

One of the biggest advantages you see in this irrigation is that you save a lot of costs and it is also a totally ecological system.