[cortana_heading title=”FABRICACIÓN”]

We have an innovative industrial plant of over 40,000 m2, equipped with the latest technology and managed by a highly qualified professional team. We are dedicated to the manufacture of thermoplastic products – injected and manipulated – for all types of hydraulic installations: from polyethylenes and polypropylenes to PVC, PVDF, PRFV …

[cortana_heading title=”PRODUCTOS”]

We have an extensive range of own thermoplastic products for piping, both injected and handled. Our portfolio incorporates many other items related to hydraulic installations, accessories and complements, which allow us to market all the hydraulic solutions of the market thanks to a catalog with more than 15.000 references.

[cortana_heading title=”SERVICIOS TÉCNICOS”]

We offer professional services of high added value that become optimal technical and engineering solutions for any type of hydraulic installation: agricultural irrigation, industrial pipelines and civil works. We also provide repair, maintenance, rental of machinery, water treatment …

[cortana_heading title=”TIENDAS PROPIAS LOCALES”]

We manage two of our own local stores with over 5,000 m2 of commercial space for sale to the professional – in self-service format – of a great variety of quality hydraulic products for swimming pools, water treatment, chemical applications, agriculture, Gardening, plumbing and civil works.


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