Llaberia complies with Quality Management Systems requirements

ISO 9001

Llaberia maintains its Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001. These requirements are to:

Comply with customer and our own requirements.
Satisfy customers.
Ensure the quality of our services and products, being as competitive as possible in the market.
Provide smooth service, ensuring our capacity for a fast response to customer demands for services and supplies.
Prevent non-conformities and promote continuous improvement techniques for our products and services.
Promote a good working environment, ensuring the best possible conditions for our employees, as well as the quality of our facilities and equipment.
Be mindful of the image projected by the company, in terms of both the capacity of our employees and the quality of our facilities and equipment.
Engage in the continuous improvement of the procedures we use and the services we offer, adapting to the needs of the demand and market requirements at all times.
The established policy is used as the basis for reviewing our objectives.

OHSAS 18001

Llaberia maintains the Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the standards and schemes of OHSAS 18001, designed to allow Llaberia to control its risks for OHS and improve its OHS performance. These standards consists of:

Maintaining an elevated health and security level in the workplace.
Make our commitment to employees, as the main capital of our activity and their involvement with prevention, a sign of identity against companies and other social agents.
Make sure everyone in the company take an active part in this policy and are aware of their individual obligations in terms of OSH.
To draw Llaberia’s occupational health approach closer to our customers.
Environmental commitment and magnitude of the risks:LLABERIA bases its Safety Management System in the workplace by identifying the dangers, evaluating the risks and controlling the risks that affect its workers.
LLABERIA has the participation and collaboration of all the components of the company, workers and representative bodies to improve day by day the level of prevention of occupational risks of all workers of the company.
To set the adequate human and material resources to take care of the safety and health of the employees of LLABERIA and other interested parties.


LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER: Product certification A + plastics piping systems for water supply, and for drainage and sewerage under pressure. Llaberia has obtained the product certificate by APPLUS in the PE injected products (FITAC PRODUCTS) according to EN12201-3: 2011 + A1 SYSTEMS OF CHANNELING IN PLASTIC MATERIALS FOR WATER FOR DRAINAGE AND SEWERAGE UNDER PRESSURE. POLYETHYLENE (PE) FITTINGS.


Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire: Eurofins (Expertises Environnementales) certifies that all materials used in the manufacturing of our products are suitable for use in drinking water applications in France.

WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certifies that all materials used in the manufacturing of our products are suitable for use in drinking water applications in the United Kingdom.


Specialist Certificate in the Installation of Plastic Piping Systems: LLABERIA has a team of specialists dedicated to the installation of plastic piping. The training of our professionals is accredited by APPLUS in collaboration with ASETUB and AGBAR. The certificate covers all aspects of the machining and installation of plastic pipes in supply, irrigation and sanitation systems.


The AEQT / AEST MONITORING COMMISSION of the project of qualification of companies of habitual maintenance has certified that the company LLABERIA PLASTICS SL has successfully passed the audit of Qualification with the scope to installation and maintenance of plastic pipes and accessories for supply networks, firefighters, irrigation and sanitation.


LLABERIA PLÀSTICS, S.L. is a full-fledged Affiliated Member of the Association of Service Companies of Tarragona (AEST).


The regional government of Catalonia certifies that LLABERIA PLÀSTICS, S.L. is inscribed in the Industrial Safety Agents Register under number RASIC-005003339 as an installation company performing activities related to the maintenance of fire protection systems and as a company installing pressurised equipment.