Detachable pools, a good choice for summer

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With summer just around the corner there are many of us who start to take care of the ideal pool for our garden. In this article we will talk about the detachable pools, a fantastic option to enjoy in the big summer 2019.

Detachable pools are a practical and economical option. They are gaining more and more ground in front of traditional construction pools, as they involve far fewer concerns in terms of price and space.

Detachable pools, features:

  • The necessary installation is simple and no work is necessary.
  • There are small detachable pools to place in any space or larger ones in which you can bathe various people at once and very comfortable.
  • They are usually made of veneer or plastic. Models are becoming stronger and safer.
  • Some detachable pools allow the installation of heat pumps, so they can be used during the winter as a heated pool.
  • Some models also have built-in debugger.
  • Detachable pools are great for living in patios, gardens or terraces!

Detachable pools, perks

The advantages of detachable pools compared to traditional (construction) pools are as follows:

  • Installation is much simpler and faster.
  • You don’t need to have ample land to enjoy a pool, as they are mountable virtually anywhere, even if the available space is small and in places where it would be impossible to build a construction pool.
  • It can be disassembled when it is no longer in use, and use the space it occupied for other purposes.
  • The cost of detachable pools is cheaper than traditional pools.
  • A wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and models are available to customers.
  • The maintenance of this type of swimming pool is easier than the construction pools.
  • They are break-resistant pools and solid against external agents.

Types of detachable pools

Depending on the different materials in which detachable pools can be built we differentiate 4 types, let’s take a look:

Detachable wooden pools

It is a very elegant, solid and usually long-lasting model. They are made of treated wood to resist the external agents that you will face, above all, weather. Its design is great for gardens with a warm, cozy and traditional touch. Their solid structure allows them to withstand a large volume of water.

Detachable sheet metal pools

Through its metal structure in steel wall, with reinforcements and quality paints offer the bather a lot of safety and resistance. They can withstand a lot of water inside. They offer a wide range of models with different sizes and finishes, such as smooth finishes, imitation wood, stone, etc. Thanks to this each sheet metal pool can have a unique appearance according to the taste and need of the buyer.

Removable inflatable plastic pools

It is the most practical, economical and easy to assemble detachable pool type, with just an electric inflator. They typically have a multi-layer reinforced line to resist for several years outdoors. However, its duration is not as long as most other models. Its structure is self-supporting, that is, it has an inflatable upper ring and becomes stable as the line fills with water.

Generally the inflatable pools of users are usually quite small, although there are also large ones and they can support more than 2 bathers at a time.

Detachable PVC pools

This model is one of the most popular among users due to its effective value for money. These pools usually consist of 3 resistant layers of PVC-polyester and a metal tubular structure that supports them and provides them with great strength.

Installing detachable pools

The installation of the detachable pools is simple, although it is very important to analyze the terrain where you are going to place it before doing so. The surface in question must be firm and level, do not contain elements that drill the pool bag, and above all it must be sturdy, not we can risk put the pool in sites that don’t bear their weight when it’s full of water.

Other factors to consider are: installing it in a place as protected as possible from the wind, having a power outlet nearby for the sewage treatment plant or other items that need electricity and having nearby a water outlet and a drain to fill and empty the pool. /c0>

We hope that after you have read our article you already have at your disposal the information necessary to choose the most suitable detachable pool for you!

All we have to do is done… Enjoy your swimming pool!