Plastic valve

In our factory we produce standard or custom plastic valves in plastic materials: PE, PP, PVDF and PVC

Llaberia Group offers its customers a wide variety of plastic valves, manufactured in our own workshop, in the different plastic materials with which we work, PE, PP, PVDF and PVC.
We manufacture valves of different types:ball valves, membrane valves, butterfly valves, guillotine valve, foot valve, anti-returnvalve,solenoid valves and clapper valves.

In addition, we offer different possibilities in the operation of the valves:manual drive, pneumatic drive and electric drive.

In the factory of Llaberia Group we manufacture plastic valves in series ready to be used. Our versatility of materials; PE, PP, PVDF and PVC, allows us to cover a lot of different needs for different applications.

We offer the customer the fantastic possibility to manufacture a custom plastic valve according to plan especially for him, so that it adapts to all the peculiarities he needs.
If necessary and the customer so requires, we also have the option to add motorization to the plastic valve.


Following the instructions of the national alert plan we are doing the pertinent internal preventive measures to protect our workers and our clients from Covidien-19. Consequently, at the Llaberia Hydraulic Shop points of sale we have applied a special schedule and the necessary actions to stop the contagion.
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