Manifolds and Regulation Stations

Own manufacture of manifolds and custom regulation stations in various sizes and plastic materials for hydraulic solutions.


In the face of the rise of industrial and agricultural activities in which water and fluids of a more than agressive character are used, Llaberia Group offers manifolds to improve this application.In addition, we design and build regulation stations for any flow or pressure.
Different collector applications:

  • For filtering equipment.
  • Hydrants.
  • Pumping heads.
  • Greenhouses
  • In EDAR and ETAP.
  • In installations, in desalination plants.
  • Reverse osmosis.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Community housing meter systems.
  • Sterilization equipment.
  • Other applications for fluid handling and channeling.

We provide the customer with a customized configuration of their collector based on their specific needs, such as: diameter, multiple outputs, valves, distances, elbows. The collector design will focus on the type of installation for which it is required.

For each case we study the compatibility of the materials with the corresponding products.

In addition, the customer will receive the best advice on the most optimal options for their order.

Our manufacture of custom regulation stations involves the design and construction of these adapting according to the purpose specified by the customer and the technical requirements that they must have. We design from large to smaller stations.

We also provide the sealing and resistance tests necessary to ensure proper operation.